animal feeding, chemical, mineral and food industry SECTOR


Our building is in mechanical mechanical construction. The company has a headquarters in Italy. The food industry, chemical, mineral and food industry. It has been awarded for the high-technology and industrial quality in its machinery. They encharged us to select a:

SALES AGENT – Polish market


– Development of machinery in food, chemical, mineral industry and food industry.

– Knowledge of how to communicate both in Polish and in English

The recipient, for the feed of the breeder, on the feed of the breeder, , of fishfeed (aquaculture) feed), of silo, chain conveyors, hammer mills, dicing presses, bagging machines, equipment for chicken, cattle, pigs, etc., milking plants .

The company is also interested in being able to do it at all times. We refer to figures as a farmer, stables and mills for food flour, and a veterinary farmer who visits farms and stables.


  • Excellent commissions and fixed monthly salary
  • Incentives;
  • Strategic and operational marketing support;
  • Continuous training of the highest level at technical and communication level
  • Training in Italy at the company’s main office (free for the agent)
  • Professional growth
  • Ability to operate simultaneously in other sectors.


  • Agency mandate or commercial collaboration
  • Full time / Part-Time

It apply

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Our client is an important company with over 50 years of history in activities related to machine constructions. The head office is in Italy, but the company is also active abroad. The machines that he produces serve, among others, for the production of feed, animal feed, chemicals, minerals and food. The company has always distinguished itself by the high technological and operational quality achieved thanks to its own work. We are looking for candidates for the position:


SALES AGENT on the Polish market

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • The development of machine sales in the sector of feed, animal feed, chemicals, minerals and food products on the Polish market.
  • Ability to use Polish and English

We are looking for a person who had to deal with the sale of turnkey installations or machines for the production of feed, premix, pet food, aquaculture feed, such as silos (also for large storage rooms), conveyors, hammer mills, briquetting presses, coolers, packaging machines; or a person who has experience in related sectors, such as: sales of grain, flour, feed, additives, animal feed, fish feed; sale of equipment for poultry, cattle, swine, etc., or milking installations.

We are also interested in people who work in this sector, but not as sellers and who could work full time or part time – e.g. as a complement to their main business. I am talking about the position of the manager, production technician (including chemist technician) in all areas mentioned earlier, also concerning breeding, maintenance of barns, mills for the production of food flour. We are also looking for a veterinarian whose duty would be to look after farms and stalls.

We offer:

  • Excellent commissions and the possibility of a fixed monthly salary;
  • Marketing, strategic and operational support;
  • Continuous high standard training at the technical and communication level;
  • Training in Italy in the company’s main office;
  • Professional development;
  • The possibility of simultaneous operation in other sectors


  • Cooperation based on a B2B contract
  • Full-time / part-time job

To submit a candidacy:

Please send your CV in English to the address in the body of the message by typing: SALESAGENT42