The ultimate (short) guide to prepare for an interview in 2021

The ultimate (short) guide to prepare for an interview in 2021


The first interview is a very important step in the recruitment process and succeeding it will bring you one step closer to your dream job. Here are some tips on what to pay attention to before going to your interview.

Rehearsal: There will be a lot of questions that you’ll need to answer, and it would be good to have prepared in advance some key points that you’d like to mention. This doesn’t necessarily mean having everything memorized but it would be useful to remember which part you should focus on when answering, for example, what are your strengths or why do you want to join the company.

Research: In every case, you need to know basic details about the company your applying to (who are they, what they are dealing with, what is their goal/purpose). It would be good to also know some facts about the area/branch that the company is involved in. This kind of info could be useful for answering related questions during the interview and, as a result, show your knowledge and interest in that area.

Body Language: At a job interview every detail counts. Apart from your answers, you need to emphasize how you communicate with movements and gestures and in general your body language. Have a good posture, don’t cross your hands or do nervous movements.

Dress code: First impressions do matter, and so does the way you dress at your job interview. Your outfit should match the company’s style, so think about how formal the job position is or what kind of company they are. For example, a start-up company is more casual, which is also reflected in the dressing of employees.

Enthusiasm: Despite the stress, you may have, you need to give a good picture just by smiling and having a calm attitude. Job interviews are stressful for candidates but the more stressful you are and show it, the less likely you are to succeed as you will not be able to express yourself as you would like to. So, try to be yourself, give clear answers, without nervousness, so you will look friendly, approachable, and confident.

Questions: An interview is a “test” for both the employer and the employee, as the former checks whether the candidate is fit for the job and the second whether the particular company fits their career aspirations. So, when the time comes to ask some questions, take the opportunity and ask what you would like to know about the work environment, more details about the job position, your career prospects, or corporate culture. The more you know, the better decision you will make when you are offered a job.

Thank you email: At the end of the interview, it is a good idea to send a thank you email to show that you appreciate the time the recruiter has dedicated to you. Remember that the image of a candidate is formed from the first to the last communication.


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