“You don’t have to know everything. You just have to know where to find it.” A. Einstein

Do you need to outsource your IT project? To set up your remote IT team? To find your dedicated full time remote developer?

We select the most suitable IT partner / Team of IT developers in Poland and Ukraine.

You can deliver your IT projects through outsourcing or finding your IT developer team. Don’t waste time and money anymore.

At ITSELECTA you will find a FREE, no risk and easy way to start the outsourcing process and body leasing IT services with nearshore selection of your ideal IT partner within Polish and Ukrainian companies.

As we are NOT an IT company our solution will always meet your expectations, providing you with the right IT provider.

Some IT providers are great in technology but they normally tend to push their wow, which might not be the best for you .

Moreover, cooperating with high-quality IT companies located in Poland and Ukraine qualifies us as a competent partner for you. Price calculation for the outsourcing of projects is not up to us, since your individual demands need to be examined and evaluated by our partners.

NEARSHORE outsourcing is YOUR solution because it has a competitive advantage over India or other places on different aspects:

– IT engineers and not only developers

– High level of education/experience

– Broad language knowledge supported by native speakers of ITSELECTA

– Cost efficiency

– Small or no cultural difference

– Less or no time difference

– Possibility to meet and visit your partner

– Exchange rate advantage / your money is worth more

Many of our partners cooperate with international companies based in the UK, USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Wales, Italy, Spain, Greece.

Our process is extremely simple:


Firstly, we intend to define the process and the service you want to be outsourced. We would like to hear about your demands and expectations in order to make sure that your technology, business and financial objectives match the potential IT partner/team or developer.

The key is to identify the right outsourcing partner who is able to meet your needs.


Based on your profile, our team will assist you in finding the best employee/team according to your specific project. Diversified international working experience as well as reliability are the main characteristics of our IT partners.

Our selection will be made according to technology, sector experience and recommendations from previous customers.

The best company in terms of knowledge may not be the perfect partner as it does not share the same company culture and work style.


You will be put in contact with your new team of IT professionals and ongoing support will be provided throughout every stage. We also make sure to rate your partner performance so that the project is always on track.

Please find here the link to our privacy policy: https://www.itselecta.com/privacy-policy/

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