June 2022 – IT vacancies


ITSelecta is a recruitment agency based in Krakow, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities and in full technological development. Thanks to our position and agreements with many international companies, we can provide job seekers with a huge range of recruiting opportunities.

Our customers are mainly funded start-ups ready to innovate the industry with challenging but interesting projects. They are always looking for skilled employees who are eager to learn more and give a real contribution to the firm. The companies in question offer interesting salaries, medical insurance and the possibility to work in a great team.

Kraków, Poland

Remote from Poland

Fully remote

We encourage you to contact us, ITSelecta, to be sure to have a strong team ready to follow you from the first to the last stage of the process and answering your concerns.

Contact us at info@itselecta.com or +48508033065

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