“You don’t have to know everything. You just have to know where to find it.” A. Einstein

Do you need IT Recruitment Services? 

At ITSELECTA we provide the most talented IT developers from Poland or from all around Europe.

You can be assured that we can quickly fill your IT requisitions thanks to our unique recruitment approach in finding IT developers that will be the right fit for your team. Don’t waste time and money anymore.

We are confident that our solutions will always meet your expectations, providing you with the right IT talent.

Moreover, we can also provide you with a dedicated outsourcing process and body leasing IT services with nearshore selection of your ideal IT partner within Polish and Ukrainian companies.

Some other IT recruitment providers are great but they normally tend more often to provide quantity rather than quality and we are pretty sure that this might not be the best for you .

We cooperate with high-quality IT companies located in Poland but also all over Europe and this qualifies us as a competent partner for you.


What values and deliverables can you expect from ITSELECTA?

– IT engineers and not only developers

– High level of education/experience

– Broad language knowledge supported by native speakers of ITSELECTA

– Cost efficiency

– Quality over quantity


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