“You don’t have to know everything. You just have to know where to find it.”
A. Einstein

Do you need IT Recruitment Services?

At ITSELECTA we specialize in finding the right talent for our customer.

We have developed an IT recruitment method, which allows us to find IT developers that fit, not only the company’s technical requirements, but also other soft elements like company culture and way of working.

The Tech Recruitment methodology allows us to avoid candidates leaving the company any time soon or that they do not pass the probation period.

Our goal is to solve our customer problem.

This is why we will understand beforehand your exact needs, company, culture and way of working.

Only then, we will confirm if we can meet your expectations, providing you with the right talent.

When getting in touch with us, our customers told us that:

- we were the fastest to answer

- we were the only one to ask them specific questions to discover their needs, not only related to technical skills

- we showed a customer centric approach and most of all that we really cared about them

When attracting talents living abroad:

- we were able to suggest the right communication strategy and relocation package to put on place to attract candidates not available in their internal work market.

What is the outcome of our IT recruitment process?

- we are able to fill positions that were ongoing for many months and that were thought to never be filled

And they also assigned us other vacancies in other countries.

What is special in our it recruitment method?

Thanks to our unique system, we are able to source candidates where it is not possible to be found.

The world is big, and we do not put limits to our perspective only in one place/country.

We are sourcing not only in the country where our customers are based, but also abroad, approaching talents that never thought they would work in that company and that country.

We have already done it many times for our customers, and we are able to suggest the right relocation package to put in place in order to attract the right talents.

If you decide to work with us, we will work as an extension of your company when recruiting, so that every candidate will have all the information needed before applying in your company and he/she will be motivated to join you.

Time is one of the most important assets nowadays and we will save yours by finding the right person for the right project, not only in terms of tech knowledge, but also in terms of personalities and company culture.

The selected resource will stay with your company for a long time avoiding issues with his/her replacement, which implies stopping a project.

We believe that the right talents make all the difference. Find yours with us!

Do you need to outsource your IT project/developer?

In this case, we provide you with a dedicated outsourcing process and body leasing IT services with nearshore selection of your ideal IT partner within Polish and Ukrainian companies.

Some other IT recruitment providers are great, but they normally tend to provide quantity over quality and we are positive that this might not be the best for you.

We do not want to solve your problem temporarily; we want to find the best long-term solution!

We cooperate with high quality, customer-oriented IT companies located in Poland, but also Ukraine companies specialized in outsourcing IT.

You will not only have a devoted IT developer completely dedicated to you but also a delivery manager who will supervise his/her task completion according to the KPIs that you will decide upfront with him.

You will always have more people accountable to your project ensuring the success of every task assigned.

What values and deliverables can you expect from ITSELECTA?

  • A lot of effort to deliver our promise: find the right talent → WE TRY HARDER
  • IT engineers and not only developers → they will understand your problem and solve it → not just coding
  • High level of education/experience → your project is in safe hands; you will be sure that it’s completed it on time and with great quality
  • Broad language knowledge supported by native speakers of ITSELECTA → we understand not only your language but also your culture and specific needs
  • Cost efficiency → Poland and Ukraine are still great cost/quality ratio countries
  • Quality over quantity → your project will be what you expected or even better J
  • Success fee and warranty → when recruiting for you, you will pay us only once your problem is solved