IT Recruitment – Is Poland the best place for gaming development in 2023?


IT Recruitment – Is Poland the best place for gaming development in 2023?

Gaming is a global business that had pioneers in the industry working from all over the world. But today, there is one country in Europe who is leading the way in the global market of video games and that country is called Poland. In recent years, the country has proven to be a booming hub for the industry with a forecast of a very bright future.

Gamedev market in Poland

Today, Poland is known as a major video game market with a worth of EUR 470 million. The production of the country is focused on the foreign markets and actually 96% of the industry income comes from export of video games and consoles – PlayStation discs, Xbox games, PC downloads or mobile apps. Polish game studios are making their mark on the global stage and because of the success of a number of very well-known games and events, a lot of game companies have blossomed. In 2022, the country was home of 490 gaming development companies – from small studios with just few people on board to giants with 100+ employees. These studios provide jobs to more than 14k people – highly skilled and ambitious programmers, artists and designers. It is interesting to make a note that 25% of the industry’s employees are women.

Why is Poland so successful in the gaming industry?

One of the reasons for the success of the gaming industry in Poland is the support provided by the Polish school system. The level of mathematics which is present in the educational system is very high. Polish high schools provide a strong base for students to succeed in universities, which on the other side have a special emphasis on the video gaming sector. We can definitely say that the connection established between the public schools and universities in Poland is very successful.
At the same time, different universities in the country are driving the gaming industry too by providing more than 60 courses or degrees related to game development. 34 of them are available in public and 26 at private institutions. Almost half of them are dedicated to programmers. This surge is a strong indicator of the increasing interest in game programming of young people in Poland.

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This all together allows to educate young students and to prepare them for the needs of the demanding market and simultaneously leads to the high number of very skilled programmers on the market.

Poland and gaming industry: a perfect match

Poland is home to the largest computer, console and multimedia entertainment fair in Central and Eastern Europe – Poznan Game Arena. The country also hosts the Intel Extreme Masters which is one of the largest e-sports events in the world. The countdown for this year’s event in Katowice already started and the Spodek Arena will once again host the world’s best CS:GO teams, who will fight for the $1M prize pool and a point in the Intel Grand Slam. The event will take place from January 31st until February 12th 2023. During IEM Katowice 2023, the StarCraft® II world championship will also be held, where 36 of the best players from around the world will compete in the fight for the title of the World Champion.

One of the main drivers of this booming industry in Poland is the success of the very well-known video game and franchise ‘The Witcher’, based on the fantasy novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Since the first game was launched in 2007, some 40 million units of the Witcher series have been sold worldwide.

Have a sneak peek of some of some fantastic games developed and released in Poland. Did you know they were made here?


Recruitment agency in Poland for game developers

Today, it is believed to be the best time to work and to be part of the gaming industry. We consider ourselves lucky enough to be partnering with popular and stable gaming and VR studios who are growing their teams in Poland. A whole new level of demand has followed on the Polish market. Players all over the world are looking for the best gaming experience and at the same time studios are forced to be more and more creative, to develop even more magnificent stories and to push the quality of games to another level. Developers are excited and ambitious and they want to explore more and different genres of games. They want to create all kinds of exciting and immersive experiences for gamers.

If you are looking to hire game developers in Poland – reach out to us. We can provide a hot pipeline of experts and help you build or grow your team.

Moreover, having experience in this sector, we can guide you on how to present your offer in the best way in front of candidates. Transparency and the right information can make the difference in such a competitive and “candidate driven” market.

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