Focus on Eastern Europe: Why is Poland your best choice for IT outsourcing in 2020?

Where can I outsource my IT project?

Where can I find the best outsourced IT developers?

To answer these questions, first of all, we will list the factors you should have in consideration before choosing the destination of your IT project.


You should analyze the costs of the contract, the team, the resources and the technology you will need to develop your project, without forgetting to pay attention to the expertise of the team you will choose and the quality of their outsourcing services.


The ease of communication is the key to success when deciding to outsource a project. The location of the country you choose, the lack of cultural barriers, overlapping working hours and trustworthiness. All these aspects will make the difference between the right and the wrong destination for your company.
Once you analyzed all the factors above, it´s time to understand why Poland is your best choice for IT outsourcing.


The aim of IT outsourcing is not to find the cheapest IT workers, but the ones who offer the best price to quality ratio. First, let´s check Poland´s quality offer.
HackerRank, a technology company that ranks the ability of programmers in several countries to compare their IT skills, checked the skills of programmers from 50 different countries in Europe, Australia, Asia and America. The results were the following:

“If we held a hacking Olympics today, our data suggests that China
would win the gold, Russia would take home a silver, and Poland would nab the bronze.”

Poland was outstanding in most of the tests to check the programmers´ speed and
accuracy, so the quality offered by this country is not questionable.
Poland counts on highly educated IT professionals, and their universities, being aware
of the benefits of having a good-quality pool of developers, are implementing and
improving their programs to form their talents in the best way.


Now that we better understand the quality of Polish developers, let´s analyze the costs of outsourcing here.

The average cost per hour for a Polish developer, according to Agile Engine, can be between 31 $ and 50 $ per hour depending on their experience and the level required for the position, while a QA can cost 33 $ and an architect around 59 $.

Keeping this in mind, we can consider Poland as one of the most cost-effective countries, and it is
easy to have a good budget-control.


After the fall of communism, the Polish economy started to grow in a significant way, and today it is considered to be one of the most stables around.

According to Bloomberg’s top-50 most innovative economies, Poland is the #22. Thanks to this
information, there´s no need for extra-worrying about economic crisis or political instability. Poland develops the IT industry as one of the main bases of its economy.

The EU economy grows fast and increases the need for the workforce, and Poland offers the biggest number of working places in Central Europe because over 118,000 IT specialists work here.

The main destinations in Poland for outsourcing are Warsaw and Krakow.
In addition to all these benefits, Poland operates inside the EEA economic zone, which
is very convenient for the legal aspects of the outsourcing arrangement.


Considering cultural compatibility an essential aspect to have comfortable communication between your company and the outsourcing team, we have to take into account the distance and the cultural barriers we may have with our outsourced team.

Even if Asia has cheaper workers per hour, it is easier to communicate with a European team.

Poland is in the centre of Europe, and with this strategic location we can observe some advantages: they have been influenced by so many different cultures, which means they are open-minded and have a wide experience in doing international business.
Thanks to this, comparing the time zone of Poland to the Eastern Standard Time, we can see that there are at least 5 overlapping hours of work per day, which makes the communication much easier.

In addition to this, it enables visits to the potential contractor on a regular basis.
We can highlight that among IT students in Poland 94% are able to speak English fluently.

Actually, Poland has a 2019 EF English Proficiency Index score of 63.67 and is ranked #11 among 80 countries in the world.

Partner companies like ITSELECTA are in charge of contacting and selecting the right IT outsourcing team here in Poland to give you the guarantee that your project will accomplish with the deadline and the budget you set. After explaining all your requirements, we will select tailor-made developers for your project and make sure you will have the needed support during the whole process.


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