How to attract a foreign talent? 5 tips from a recruitment team

We, as recruiters, all know how difficult it is to find foreign talents for some projects, there are very often many differences and even obstacles. We try to use the best methods that we have but not always they work, why is that? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

Bear in mind different cultures and languages.

First of all we need to understand cultural differences and language barriers: not in every country we will have the same recruiting patterns or even working standards: for ex., in Italy it’s important to have a stable contract and know the hiring company even before knowing salary expectations while in other countries the renumeration issue might be the most important.

Also, about the salary, we need to consider the lowest wage in every country as well as cost of living and currency changes. These small details will help you understand if the conditions that you offer are sufficient and it’s worth trying to launch a new recruitment process.

Relocation package: doesn’t always need to be money!

Many people are willing to relocate abroad especially to gain new experience, especially if they are freshly graduated students. This is the best moment to attract foreign talents and offer them a great development of their future career. The only problem is that not always they are aware of living abroad and they will need assistance for relocation. Many candidates before moving to another country always ask about any kind of relocation package that can help them decide whether to start their career abroad. It isn’t always about money, it can be some guidance on working styles, finding an apartment or even buying flight tickets.

Remote working possibilities: at least in the first phase of work.

Another important fact can be that most candidates very often ask about remote opportunities. Nowadays, after a pandemic situation, it is more natural to ask about this type of working as well as it is easier to hire someone and also find a job. We all know that many companies want to have their employees back on site but for new talents especially when they live abroad it is very often better to start working remotely at least at the beginning of a new job. It will definitely help you attract more candidates without losing the opportunity to get in touch with the best ones and find a long and fruitful collaboration.

Experience: more experience = less willingness to relocate.

From some of our experience, we can assume that many foreign talents are not willing to relocate once they have settled down with their family. For these candidates it can be more difficult to consider changing countries or sometimes even companies. The older people get, the less likely they are open to changes not only in their private life but also in the professional one. It can also be based on cultural and personal beliefs. Sometimes it seems to be a good solution to look for less experienced talents but focus more on personalities and soft skills of each individual. Supporting career development of the employees and believing in their potential can result in better work and company engagement.

Benchmarking job markets of interested countries.

This point can be an obvious one but in some cases extremely difficult, especially if you are a company that does not have any experience in hiring foreign talents or is just about to enter a foreign market. Before starting any recruitment process it is essential to build and prepare a strong analysis of the job market and take into consideration cultural and language differences, economical and sociological aspects as well as working culture. There can be some details that you don’t pay attention to but can result in big problems later, such as contracting types, bonus programs or working conditions in a specific country.

If you are looking for your new foreign talents in Poland or you want to enter into the Polish labour market, we would like to help you to avoid all the difficulties that you are not even aware of. We will take care of all the recruitment procedures not only considering finding the best talents but also helping you implement your company in the Polish market.

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