“I used to think business was 50 percent having the right people. Now I think it’s 80 percent.” Kevin P. Ryan

How to find talent with no need to advertise job vacancies and screening thousands of CV‘s despite the lack of market or language knowledge?

Already cooperating with other agencies, we manage the recruitment process internally. Why should you choose ITSELECTA?

The so-called black hole strategy identifies the tendency of applicants to send indiscriminately CV to hundreds of job postings at a time. We are able to solve this challenge and find the right candidate for your company with our customized recruitment services.

Our main strengths are:

Know-How/Experience. We have worked in Poland and abroad for over 10 years establishing business relationships in different sectors such as IT, technology, fashion, sales, distribution, production, BPO and SSC. Therefore, we are well aware of the BPO and SSC environments as well as communities.

– Our process is clear. We inform you about how we proceed. This includes setting up deadlines and milestones.

Multilingual approach on recruitment and sales, while customer service will be executed by professionals who permanently stay in touch with native speakers of your country.

– We cooperate with universities in different countries with the purpose of finding best fresh graduates and informing them about a potential career opportunity abroad. Best candidates will be shortlisted so that a pool of long-term staff may be appointed.

ITSELECTA will act as a strategic partner when it comes to meeting your real needs and expectations regarding your staff. We know that the most efficient export manager of one company is not necessarily the right choice for your company. We are not here to “sell” a candidate.

An interview summary with strengths and weaknesses will be provided.

We will find the right people for you!

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