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March 2021 Hot vacancies

March 2021 – Hot vacancies A guide on the current vacancies offered by ITSelecta and its partners Sometimes finding a job can be stressful and confusing because there are many …

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10 reasons why you should work in Poland

Millions of people leave their home countries every year to find luck, love or a big career in a foreign country. The reasons are as different as their destinations. This …

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Focus on Eastern Europe: Why is Poland your best choice for IT outsourcing in 2020?

Would you like to outsource your IT project or do you need outsourced IT developer? If the answer is YES and you do not know where to start read this article it will be helpful to understand why Poland can be your best choice for it! At ITSELECTA we can support you with it!

The 17 golden rules of effective management by the father of Nutella, Michele Ferrero

by Alessandro Lombardi There are 35 Italians in the annual Forbes classification of the richest people in the world.The first Italian on this list is Giovanni Ferrero, son of Michele …