8 details you should pay attention when preparing your CV

When looking for a new job, your CV plays an important role whether or not you will be selected for the next step of the recruitment process. It’s the first thing a recruiter sees, and you want to make a memorable first impression. So, here are some tips on how to improve your CV.

  1. Format. It would be best if you created your CV from scratch and not just take a template. This way you’ll be able to personalize it any way you want and be in charge of your things.
  2. Personal information. Write your full name, current location, email, phone number(with prefix code) so the recruiter/employer have easy access to them. Feel free to mention your social media (LinkedIn, blog, website) if they are well written.
  3. Summary. Just add a couple of sentences, to sum up, your biggest career achievements, to highlight what you can bring to the company and to show your top skills.
  4. Experience. Write down your working experience (position, name of the company, city), starting with the most recent one. Apart from the day-to-day task that you took on make sure to mention what you accomplished in each position. This way, the recruiter/employer will be able to see how productive and resourceful you can be. If you have a big list, mention the most recent ones and those related to the position analytically and the other ones with bullet points.
  5. Education. Indicate the educational institution you attended and the degree you obtained. And if you graduated with excellence, take the opportunity to gloat about it.
  6. Skills. In a bullet point form, present your skills so it’s easy for recruiters to quickly scan them and see if you meet the requirements. For positions like in IT in big companies, makes sure to present your “hard skills” using keywords related to the requirements of the position, as they might use application evaluation systems. Do not forget to mention your “soft skills” as well. In a lot of cases, they might be more interested in them rather your technical skills. Last but not least, make sure that your working experience shows that you possess the “soft skills” you mentioned.
  7. Other info (awards, certifications or publications). Only mention them if they are related to the position and will give you an extra edge. 
  8. Recommendations. If the company requires recommendations, they will ask it directly whether to mention it on your CV or not, as a lot of employers are not interested in those. If you have recommendations from a big brand, you can mention them briefly and attach a separate file with them, in case the employer wants to have a look.

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