10 reasons why you should work in Poland

Millions of people leave their home countries every year to find luck, love or a big career in a foreign country. The reasons are as different as their destinations. This article will focus mainly on the career aspect of migration and why Poland is a great place to work and live in.

  1. Economy

The Polish economy experienced an increase during the last few years, which is continuing to this day. As a result, companies invest more and create various new jobs every day. People can use this opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge and take their career to the next step.


  1. Location

Poland is not only surrounded by states of the European Union, but it’s also in the center of Europe. Furthermore, the country has a really good infrastructure, not only highways, railway, and airway but also seaway – due to its location at the Baltic Sea. There are various connections and easy ways to travel to cities and countries all over the world.


3.Costs of Living

Even though we are talking about a member of the European Union, Poland belongs to the Eastern European countries and the costs of living are lower than in other western European countries. At the same time, the standards of living are lower than in any other western country but, this is currently changing due to economic upswing.


  1. International environment

Due to the good location and upturning economy, lots of international companies find their way to Poland. Various companies have offices or even their headquarters in the country. People from outside of Poland, as well as Poles, now have more possibilities than ever to work in an international environment and gather new experiences while working in Poland.


  1. Low unemployment 

In recent years, the unemployment rate in Poland has fallen steadily and currently stands at around 3.9%. Furthermore, the prognosis shows that the percentage will remain at around 4% over the next few years.


  1. Safety 

The criminality rate in Poland is in general low. People feel safe, day or night, and can walk freely around the cities. Numbeo ranked Poland as the 15th safest city in Europe, in 2019 (15 out of 39). The low crime index of 30.09 makes Poland a great destination also for families with children. Furthermore, the country is barely facing any natural catastrophes like tornados, earthquakes, etc.


  1. Culture and History

Not existing on the world map for 123 years or the important role in world war II- Poland’s history is long, interesting, and unique. While in Poland one can experience and learn about the past and the impact it has on today’s society, culture, and the country itself. Even though Poland’s culture is influenced by many other countries, due to its location and past, the country was still able to create its very own unique traditions and way of life. Every part of Poland has a different story to tell and is worth discovering.


  1. Language

Despite the fact that the Polish language is not to easy learn, foreigners do not have to worry about interacting with others. Poles have a very high language proficiency in English. In 2019 Poland scored a 63.76 EF English Proficiency Index, resulting Poland to place 11th (out of 100) in the general ranking and 9th in a European comparison.


  1. Hospitality

Poles are very welcoming and caring. The well-being of guests, friends, and families is one of their main priority. Every person is always greeted gladly and with open arms. One will feel at home and integrate quickly and don’t have to be afraid of being left out.


  1. Landscape and Nature

Poland is a comparatively low-lying country. 90% of the territory of this country is 300m over the sea level and offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes, excursion destinations, and recreational areas. The north is home to the Baltic Sea and the Masurian Lake District, which, not only attracts thousands of tourists every year, but is also very popular with the locals. During the wintertime, this area turns into a paradise for skiers and snowboarders or invites to a family outing in the snow-covered towns. Furthermore, you can also go sightseeing and explore beautiful cities like Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, etc.


Does Poland seem a good place to work and live? Would you like to find out more or do you need help finding a place of work in Poland? Get in touch with our team! We, here at ITSELECTA, speak different languages and we are always available to provide you with all the answers and are happy to help!












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